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Crysis 1 BEST MOD 2016 *EPIC* Photorealistic By CryZENx | GTX Titan SLI SC

Просмотры: 5 Добавил: ★★★BlackHARD★★★ ★★★BlackHARD★★★ 
Описание материала:

The best mod ever made ​​for crysis 1! the most 'realistic and more' recently! details and shader to scream ... there is nothing else to write. if the download links : *Thanks and Copyright to CryZENx.*


Guide By CryZENx :
you have to make sure that you are running 1.0 version, not any other like 1.2 or 1.2.1 or STEAM VERSION, before you download my shader, do this : next is to rename the level folder to something different, Now when you downloaded and installed my shader do this next : In shaderstuttering at beginning fix folder, should be a folder called My Games, put it in documents, and in my version there is already 64bit version cracked, just right click in the crysis.exe not crysis64.exe Crysis.exe properties - compatibility mode, make sure its windows 7 there, should start without crashing and shadercache.pak should be deleted aswell
its in game folder

1,6gb~ size

Год: 2016
Длительность материала: 00:06:39
Автор: fLOWA Channel'
Всего комментариев: 1
0 1 ★★★BlackHARD★★★ написал: (14.08.2016 08:48)
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